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When you Sponsor A Community Garden - Choose From These Three Options. 

1. Sponsor an In Progress Veterans Produce Community Garden.
2. Sponsor an Upcoming  Veterans Produce Community Garden.
3. Sponsor a Community Garden for your organization.                  


  • ​Controlled Environmental Agriculture/weather semi-hardened
  • ​Based on proven hydroponic growing systems
  • ​Highly productive produce generation within a small foot print
  • Can feed more homeless veterans in need with less space
  • ​Intern program develops homeless veterans into farmer
  • ​Turnkey systems, multiple configurations and options such as solar backup
  • ​Help provide a sustainable food growing system in local communities
  • ​Enable community involvement to solve the need for food at the local area

The Problem

Veterans are facing a multitude of challenges

Hunger Should NOT Be One Of Them!

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 1.5 million veterans live in poverty. Increasing poverty among veterans has profound implications for their food security and health.
One of the fastest growing and youngest groups of veterans—those who served after September 11, 2001—is more likely to have a service-connected disability than veterans from other service periods.
The Wall Street Journal and Military Times have recently referenced The Pentagon's statement that 24% of Active Duty Servicemembers are food insecure.
There are an estimated 40k-100k homeless Hungry Veterans On Any Given Night! 
Over 55,000 Homeless Female Veterans
Females Are The Largest Unaccounted Homeless Veterans As Safety Concerns For Them And Their Children Deter Them From Going To Shelters
46% of Americans are impacted by veterans. 
Homeless veterans rarely have access to fresh produce or fruits. Eating fresh organic produce can save veterans lives

The Solution

Veterans Produce Offers Fully-Serviced, Turnkey Gardens On Demand

Complete With Operational And Technological Support

Veterans Produce helps alleviate the challenges of providing food sustainably, by creating locally operated community gardens, with access to food all year, every day.

We enable our operators to run a successful food production system based on proven experience and enhancements, The flexibility and support required to remain nimble in an ever-changing environment.

The Product

Sustainable, Portable Community Garden System

Veterans Produce has established itself by delivering a consistent and high-quality solution

Veterans Produce Community Garden System

  • Fully built-out gardens with a chief-inspired layout that includes equipment and fixtures necessary to begin operating in a matter of days
  • ​Inspected and permitted facilities with the required utilities and common/ancillary amenities in place (and included in the cost)
  • ​Gardens are available in one size (16'x50') with appropriate equipment configurations to meet each operator's needs
  • ​One Time Investment range from $40,000 based on the size and equipment configuration (this includes initial start-up costs) 
  • ​​Operational Investment range from $3,000 based on the size and equipment configuration

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Our team of experts will review you information to determine the which sponsorship program will best fit your needs.  Then we will schedule follow up sessions to dig deeper into your specific sponsorship needs.
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