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Veterans Produce strives to bring food security, food safety, and sustainability to veteran communities throughout the U.S. With our unique blend of ingenuity and imagination, we can feed the nation's homeless veterans "One Greenhouse, One Community, One Tony At A Time".

We believe that decentralizing food sources will help to create a more equitable food supply. Once built we can supply food to much needed veteran communities. , and support multiple local veteran support orgs which in turn can deliver much needed fresh produce and fruits (and fish).

“we must remember that the best people to ask for ideas to address hunger and food insecurity in a community are individuals embedded within it….That makes them uniquely qualified to identify both the challenges and opportunities that might not be immediately apparent to those outside of the community.”-USA Today

It is in this approach we at Veterans Produce have set our course. Our plan of action is to address veteran hunger due to homelessness and food insecurity, by building community greenhouses within local communities where the need exists.
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Veterans Produce Community Garden - Decatur

Veterans Produce at Valor Ranch is building a community 20 x 60 garden to feed the tenants on the ranch. The "SHEROES" who live on the property will learn how to grow with aquaponics which will generate revenue through sales at farmers markets.

Valor Ranch focuses on a holistic approach to empower our nation's female homeless veterans, we call "SHEROES". Each veteran is housed in her own "cottage" on the ranch, but shares in activities such as cooking, gardening, and tending to the animals to support the ranch, and volunteering in the community in order to learn the life skills necessary to successfully transition into civilian life after Service to our Country.
Interested in Helping Feed Homeless Veterans?
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“By this kind of hard work we must help the weak... It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
Acts 20:35

Lewisville Community Garden

Community Garden
Lewisville, TX 75057 
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Keller Community Garden

4200 Keller Haslet Road, 
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Decatur Community Garden

Valor Ranch, TX 
Decatur, TX 76234
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Veterans Produce Office

7318 Sabathney Rd, 
Weatherford, TX 76085
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